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Jusic Play


MAR - JUN 2023



Project Info


Jusic Play is a music performance blogging platform. They feature established and upcoming acts through videos, interviews and editorial content to give them a voice and showcase their talent. Jusic Play’s typical audience is a very modern one, which necessitates a sleek and modern website experience.

Jusic Play also needed a pretty capable solution for managing the various content they feature on the website (videos, articles).

Goals of the project

- A sleek website to appeal to their modern audience
- Seamless management for their content
- SEO-optimized website from the start
- Performant and easy to navigate

Visual Design and Experience

The brief and references provided by the stakeholders were enough to get started. However, we researched and explored further considering the platform needed its own identity. We outlined and explored several ways to combine the core content on the website - video content, articles, and the shop feature.

During the ideation stage, we had a series of reviews with the stakeholders and we settled for the best option.

Technology choices

At TSC design studio, we’ve had great success and feedback with a set of technologies in recent client projects and we went ahead to use these for Jusic Play’s project as well. They include:

1. NextJS - A modern React-based framework for building websites and web apps. Read about "Why we love NextJS at TSC Design Studio" - coming soon.

2. Sanity - A powerful and customizable Content platform for building CMS solutions. Read about "Why we love Sanity at TSC Design Studio" - coming soon.

Video hosting

Choosing a good video host was quite tricky at the start. Jusic Play required a good platform to host and deliver high-definition videos which won’t break the bank.

We explored a couple platforms and found to be the most cost-effective and feature-rich. Bunny offered the speed, performance and features we needed without being pricey. Their customer service was also really -responsive to support us when we faced issues with integration.


In addition to the above, we integrated an Airtable database for collecting and managing artiste feature submissions and Vercel analytics for tracking page views and traffic. Overall, we strove to provide as much value to Jusic Play’s mission to become a hub for upcoming music talent.

Discover new acts, stream videos, read stories, shop merchandise, and explore more.

Jusic Play website by TSC Design StudioJusic Play website by TSC Design Studio
Upcoming music talents platform. Website daesign and development by TSC
Project imageProject image
Project imageProject image
Project image
Project imageProject image
Project image

Client Feedback

You guys did an amazing job with the design, I love everything about it. My expectations were met and I am very pleased with the result. Thank you.

Mr. Eruotor, Jusic Play

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