Brand Experience Design

Once we've helped you to establish a robust brand identity, maintaining well-connected touch-points is an essential requirement for your business. Touch-points refer to the various contact points through which customers engage with your brand before making a purchase or using your services.

Brand Experience Design

Our team of brand designers, UX designers, and web developers collaborate with our content marketing partner, Remark DMC, and our merchandise partner FiDi Co.,  to ensure that both your offline and online touch-points harmonize seamlessly with your brand identity.

Web Design

Your website serves as your most crucial online touchpoint, and we're dedicated to ensuring that it authentically conveys your brand's character and visual identity. Our user experience (UX) designers adopt a human-centric approach to website design, making it easier for potential customers to find information and navigate your site effortlessly. Our minimalist website design approach is geared towards directing the attention of prospective clients to the clear CTAs (call-to-action), thereby enhancing your revenue and fostering customer loyalty.

Brand Experience Design

Web Development

We build lightweight, and extremely fast websites that deliver a top-notch user experience, giving your users the best possible experience and leading them to give you your desired end. Our developers use modern technology to produce the best website experience that renders on all types of screens.

Our Tech Stack


CMS: Sanity

Languages & libraries

Languages & libraries: ReactLanguages & libraries: JavaScriptLanguages & libraries: TypeScript


Frameworks: Next.js


Design & collaboration

Design & collaboration: NotionDesign & collaboration: SlackDesign & collaboration: Figma

Deployment platforms

Deployment platforms: Vercel


eCommerce: ShopifyeCommerce: Commerce Layer

Brand Experience Design

Content Marketing

Our content marketing partner, Remark DMC, assumes responsibility for your digital marketing strategy, assuring that your products and services effectively reach your online target audience.

This typically commences with a comprehensive brand audit, in which they assess your brand's position within your industry. This evaluation aims to identify your strengths and weaknesses while formulating strategies to reinforce successful aspects and rectify those that need improvement.

Brand Experience Design

Search Engine Optimization

As a component of Remark DMC's digital marketing services, your website will be fine-tuned to achieve higher rankings on search engines, thereby boosting visibility for relevant keywords. This optimization process leads to a surge in organic traffic, amplifies your website's credibility, and establishes direct connections with customers actively searching for your products and services.

Brand Experience Design

Branded Merchandise

Another crucial aspect of your touchpoint that demands attention is your merchandise. Whether it's outfitting your staff in stylish t-shirts, providing custom-fitted aprons for your restaurant chef and waiters, or offering trendy tote bags to your customers, our trusted partner, FiDi Co., has all your needs covered.

FiDi Co. is an invaluable strategic ally of TSC, enabling us to transform our on-screen designs into stunning real-world creations. Our designers and the talented people at FiDi Co. have collaborated extensively, consistently delivering outstanding on-screen designs brought to life in beautiful merchandise. This partnership plays a pivotal role in advancing your brand's visibility while preserving its personality.

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