Brand Strategy Design

We ensure that your brand will have a voice before you say a word, with your core values clearly conveyed and easily understood by your audience. There’s no brand identity design without a strategy, strategy precedes every brand identity design projects TSC takes on. The brand strategy process is as follows:

Brand Strategy


Our competitive analysis is tailored to identify opportunities for our client's business. We assess their competition and pinpoint areas where they can adopt best practices, improve presence, and ultimately establish a strong competitive advantage.

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

We delve deep into client’s essential attributes to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business’ philosophy. This understanding guides all our decisions and actions, ensuring alignment with their core values and goals.

Brand Strategy

Profiles & Journeys

We build customer profiles that represent our client's target market, then map out scenarios in which those users might interact with the brand; allowing us to predict pain points and gain insights into user behavior.

Brand Strategy

Customer Segmentation

We analyze how your business generates revenue and creates awareness. Using desirability and feasibility metrics, We categorize goals into short-term, medium-term, and long-term objectives.

Brand Strategy

Impact Narrative

We craft an impactful narrative that guides the client’s customers through a journey of discovery, recommendation, advocacy, engagement, action, and return. This narrative creates a cohesive online experience that fosters brand loyalty and drives conversion.

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