Visual Identity Design

We express your brand's character through its visual identity, starting with your logo. We establish a uniform visual look that connects your logo, brand colors, imagery, and other elements to shape a unified brand design system.

Brand Design: Visual Identity

Logo Design

We create logo ideations based on factors related to your brand. The logo design process involves multiple refinements, as we strive to strike a balance between a functional and visually appealing logo. This logo will be integrated with other brand elements.

Brand System Guide

We compile comprehensive guidelines for the utilization of all brand assets within an ebook that's accessible to both internal and external stakeholders. Adhering to the brand book's principles guarantees the accurate and consistent application of brand assets across various digital and print platforms. The brand guidelines can be periodically updated as your company continues to expand and evolve.


Images play a crucial role in shaping your brand's overall appearance. We craft photographic assets for your brand, preserving a consistent style and direction that aligns with your identity. To achieve this, we collaborate with experienced photographers to produce images suitable for use across website design, print materials, and social media. Additionally, upon request, we can provide corporate photos for your staff.

Motion Design

Motion design is essentially the art of giving life to static design, infusing a fresh dynamic into your visual identity. Whether it's an animated logo introduction or a cohesive motion design style, it can significantly enhance your brand's recognizability and overall visual appeal. Our team specializes in crafting motion design materials for marketing and beyond, assisting our clients in elevating their brand experience.

3D Visualization

We design custom 3D assets for web design, print, and more. For products that are not suitable for traditional photography, we create lifelike 3D visualizations. Additionally, upon request, we plan and create workspace visualizations for our clients reflecting their visual identity in physical spaces or at special events.

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